Traditional Counselling & Training Workshops 

LoveTalks Philosophy

Being communal species, human beings relate to each other using "LOVE".
Every human 

  • Needs to Receive Love

  • Needs the Correct Type of Love

  • Can Give Love to Others

In Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages®, he classified the expression of Love into 5 different categories. He also emphasized that the expression of Love is a two-directional process, which needs both the sender and receiver to be having the same interpretation.


However, we occasionally make these mistakes:

  1. Forget about Giving Love

  2. Convey our Love in a wrong manner

  3. Not giving the correct type of Love

  4. Misunderstanding of the Love we received

The biggest mistake is that we sometimes neglect and forget about receiving Love or giving Self-Love. That is why LoveTalks was created.  By adopting the concepts of the 5 Love Languages® into our sessions, we aim to help you identify the missing and/or misinterpreted Love in your life.  You can read more about the 5 Love Languages® from our blog.


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Other than counselling, we are the pioneer to apply LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, into soft skills training.
We currently conduct SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING workshops for children aged 7 - 12, as well as RESILIENCE TRAINING for adolescents and youth. 
All our workshops and training sessions abide by the 3 basic principles


  • Everyone Builds

  • Everyone Shares

  • Everyone Benefits


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In traditional problem solving approach of counselling, the counselling session tends to involve an extensive discussion of multiple issues. Such content-heavy

sessions may make us lose track of the discussion easily. 
By incorporating LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, the LEGO bricks serve as a visual story board, for us to freely share and keep track of our thoughts. 

As such, we merged the two processes in our sessions, and created the 3 Es

  1. Effective Visualization of the issues discussed

  2. Ease of Manipulation during the discussion 

  3. Element of Fun 

How We Do It

in 4 Simple Steps

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