Choosing the Correct Love Languages

Updated: Mar 23

In the last post, I mentioned the 5 Love Languages. Some may say "It is very easy, just fill up the 5LL survey and you will get your answer." Simple as it may seem, if only you know how to use that information. Similarly, anyone who has worked with children long enough, can easily point out that “different parenting styles”, or “lack of supervision”. But what’s next?

Over here in LoveTalks, we are taking an innovative approach towards traditional counselling. We have developed a series of structured sessions, that can systematically and easily identify the missing Love Language. In addition, we are going into specifics, such as how and when will these expression can give the most impact. The aim is to create meaningful interaction between you and your child, before you can start instilling values or guiding them.

This is how LoveTalks can help

We married the fun of playing and the therapeutics of counselling into our programme, and are doing so using LEGO bricks. You do not need to be an expert LEGO builder, because It is all about you and your child’s story. The LEGO blocks serve to allow you to express your thoughts and tell your story.

For instance, you can be cooking a dozen different dishes for your child, but which exactly is the one dish that he/she appreciates and gives special meaning to? Other than your child’s understanding, how about the meaning you have given to it? Is it the time invested in the cooking that matters, or the memory that this dish is associated with? That’s exactly what LoveTalks is here to help you find out. I emphasize again, YOU need to fill up their love tanks, before you can start guiding them. Now you may be asking " Why use LEGO?" Stay with us, and we will explain to you more in the next post.

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