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The Use of LEGO® in Counselling

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

The use of Lego in counselling is not new. If you google "Lego" and "Counselling", Google will probably return many search results related to Lego-based therapy. However, this is different to how Lego is used at Lovetalks.

A Lego house and its various meaning
One may build a Lego house to show a dream home or choose a simple brick to represent it.

Typically, our counsellor starts by asking the participant(s) questions. The question can be related to thoughts, feelings or ideas (e.g. build a family home).

Instead of answering the question verbally, the participant(s) create the answer via a Lego model and tell a story from the model. One may build a Lego house to show a dream home or choose a simple brick to represent it.

The focus of the Lego building process is not about how skillful the participant(s) is in building the model itself but the meaning assigned to it. The model helps make the story more exciting and detailed, allowing the counsellor to understand their perspective more clearly.


It Helps to Express Your Thoughts

The Lego model allows one to better communicate through the Lego model, which is three dimensional. When we build our Lego model via Lego bricks, the model consists of different colours, shapes, sizes and Minifigures that are our characters, villains and heroes in our story- all of which communicate something. Hence, it helps convey a richer story than simply communicating verbally or via paper and pen.

Higher Engagement and Participation

Lego building allows higher engagement and participation because participants (s) is given a short time frame to build their model, directing them to fully engage and focus their attention on the Lego building process.


We use Lego as a tool in our counselling because it helps clients better share their issues. During the counselling discussion, the LEGO® models that clients build serve as a storyboard, explaining changes and development of the problems over time. Lego gets participant (s) to build models that enrich their discussion and better convey what they mean. We hope to inject some element of fun while working with our clients to resolve their issues.


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