What is So Special about LEGO® bricks?

Updated: Mar 23

In the last article, I mentioned that we use Lego bricks, and that you do not need to be a master Lego builder. Let me explain why.

You may choose to build a big house to show your dream home, or you can choose a simple brick to represent it. What matters most is the meaning you are giving to it.

One assumption you may have, is that LoveTalks is simply another play therapy, using LEGO® bricks as a medium. Well, I will say that you are WRONG. Traditional play therapy may employ non-directive approach, to allow the child to explore unresolved issues or trauma. Over here at LoveTalks, our focus is specifically zoomed in on the communication process. We believe that with strong communication between parent and child will significantly reduce any chance for issues to be left suppressed or hidden. During my certification as a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) facilitator, I saw similarities in the guiding principles between LSP and Family Therapy (I will skip the technical and theoretical aspects), where both create space for members to hear, and to be heard.


It is not just about making sense of your current situation, but also to better understand both you and your child. This will set a clear direction of how the family can move towards. It is important to always remember this - the love tanks MUST BE FILLED before parents can start teaching values and discipline.

In the upcoming posts, I will be sharing on the 5 different Love Languages, and some common misconception we have.

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