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Oh Chee Siong LoveTalks Counsellor


Clinical Director


Member of
Singapore Association of Counselling

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Masters Degree in Counselling, SUSS
Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, NUS

Diploma in School Counselling, NIE

Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, IAL

LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation, Rasmussen Consulting 

Specialises in:

General Counselling

Family Therapy

Relationship Counselling

Youth Counselling

Adult Counselling

Child Counselling

Special Needs

Additional Information:

Mr Oh's social work background kick-started his interest in working with people, and his experience in counselling further fueled his passion for helping people. Having at least 12 years of counselling experience in both primary and secondary schools, he has vast experience in providing support to students' mental health and social-emotional development.

Mr Oh uses the widely known concept of the Love Languages and the understanding of family systems to assist parents and their children. His calm and approachable demeanour put children and youth at ease, and many find it easy to share and naturally open up to him.

Mr. Oh Chee Siong

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