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Jessica Tan LoveTalks Counsellor



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Masters Degree in Counselling, SUSS
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, SUSS
Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology and Mindfulness, Aventis School of Mangement

Specialises in:

Youth Counselling

Adult Counselling

Child Counselling

Additional Information:

Being trained in both counselling and psychology, Jessica possesses valuable knowledge and skills in both fields to engage the minds of people of all ages.


She understands the challenges people face during the various stages in life, from childhood to adulthood and believes in empowering her clients with coping strategies and skills that work best for themselves. She has strong interests in positive psychology and mindfulness practices and believes in the importance of stress management, mental well-being and emotional resilience.


Jessica has been strongly involved with promoting community mediation and helping people resolve disputes within the community. She has been conducting mediation training and workshops in schools and organisations, teaching people to use mediation as an essential life skill to resolve conflicts.

Ms. Jessica Tan

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