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Past Workshops

JDE Workshop Details

On 19th Nov 2021, we conducted a staff retreat session for the leadership team of JDE Singapore.

Participants’ Profile:

The leadership team consists of various departmental managers.

Workshop Objectives and Details:

We customized the workshop based on the team's needs. The overall aim of the workshop was to have everyone better appreciate each other and provide constructive feedback for each other to improve as a team. 

The workshop started with an activity that allowed everyone to express their appreciation for each other and document it via post-it notes. The participants had fun, and some were surprised to receive acknowledgement of their previously unknown strengths. 

The workshop also included a segment that provided an opportunity for the team to voice out their challenges faced during work, give their thoughts on ways their colleagues could improve, and commit to how they can lend their support to help each other improve.

The challenge for this workshop was designing the activities to prevent them from turning into a blaming session. Instead, we organized the workshop intentionally to steer it towards a supportive and constructive feedback gathering opportunity. The final product was an insightful session, where all team members showed each other how supportive they were towards each other and how they could better tap on each other’s strengths to become a better team.

In Nov 2020, we received an invitation from Financial Advisors from the Prudential team to conduct a virtual run of our LEGO workshops.

Prudential Workshop Details

Participants’ Profile:

Primary School students, from age 6 to 12 and their parents.


Workshop Objectives and Details:

The workshop was designed to be a family bonding event and, at the same time, help improve children’s emotional competencies. The key takeaway for the session was to have the participants learn the different Love Languages and identify their own Love Language. With this new awareness, the families could better convey their love more clearly and effectively. In line with the festive Christmas season, we also gave the children a small gift token – where we sent a set of LEGO bricks to the participants.

We were delighted to have the chance to work with Inspire Psychology to provide intervention for their clients with special educational needs.

Inspire Psychology Workshop

Participants’ Profile:

Special educational needs children aged 8 to 12.


Workshop Objectives and Details:

The workshop design was crafted based on a discussion with the principal psychologist and observation of the children’s behaviour at the centre. The workshop aimed to improve the children’s social skills, providing them with the ability to better interact with the people around them. Workshop activities exposed the children to different social cues and reinforced the need to follow these cues.

The workshop also included playtime activities, divided into structured and unstructured playtime. In the structured playtime, the students were given instructions and rules to play, learning themes such as taking turns / following instructions correctly. While for unstructured playtime, students were allowed to freely build what they wanted to, reinforcing the social skills learnt earlier.

StarsEducare Workshop Details

StarsEducare engages Lovetalks to conduct Social Skills & Resilience Training Workshops every school holiday.

Participants’ Profile:

Primary School students, ranging from P1 to P6


Workshop Objectives and Details:


1. Learn how to handle challenging emotions better

Understanding my Feelings: Students discussed and worked together to build a combined Lego model to share what they thought was effective in helping them control their emotions. Students had fun playing with LEGO building, created their own stories using Lego models and had the opportunity to practice their presentation skills by sharing their narratives with everyone.

2. Understand ways to love and appreciate others in a family context

Loving my Family: The aim was to identify how their parents convey love and appreciation, and to identify the type of Love Language they prefer to receive. At the end of the workshop, observations and feedback were shared with their parents to understand their child better.

In 2020, we had the chance to work with HATCH to conduct their in-house soft skills training for a group of 20 youth participants.

Hatch Workshop Details

Participants’ Profile:

Youth, aged 17 – 24 years old

Workshop Objectives and Details:

The 12-hr workshop aimed to improve participant’s emotional competencies, in particular:

(1) Understanding and Managing Emotions

Participants underwent a session of self-reflection, where they identified triggers that cause negative emotions. Classroom discussion and activities resulted in suggestions for overcoming/managing these emotions, and participants gave emotional support to one another.

(2) Learning about Self-love and How to Appreciate themselves better

In this part of the workshop, participants identified their preferred Love Language. They reflected on how they could have possibly neglected themselves and created their bucket list of how they will show self-love at the end of their training.

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