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What We Do

LoveTalks Counselling Singapore specialises in both individual and family counselling. Armed with a team of experienced counsellors and a network of professional psychologists, we aim to help you journey through your difficulties. 

Let our counsellors work with you towards creating meaningful and quality interactions with your loved ones.

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Why LoveTalks?

Experienced counsellors 

Use of LEGO in our counselling sessions and workshops

Solution Focused Approach in counselling

Observation report after every counselling session and workshop

If you can relate to these feelings, LoveTalks can benefit you!

Emotional issues that needs counselling

We offer counselling sessions that help you to:

  • Gain insights and clarity to the issue/s you are facing

  • Tailor a plan that will meet your goals

  • Achieve growth and self-discovery


We design our workshops with you in mind:

  • Develop emotional resilience

  • Uncover your strengths 

  • Learn self-appreciation, with improved self-image and self-efficacy

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