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Lost and Helpless?

Sad and Depressed?

Angry and Frustrated?

Overwhelmed, Anxious and Stressed?

If you can relate to these feelings, it is time to reach out to us. ​

Individual Counselling

Family Counselling
Literacy Assessment
Social Emotional Learning & Resilience Training
Groupwork Facilitation


Why LoveTalks

  1. Experienced in working with family, youth, and children (more than 13 years)

  2. Updates/reports given after every session

  3. Solution Focused approach, targeting directly at where the behavioral / communication issues have gone wrong

  4. Application of 5 Love Languages to assist you

  5. Using LEGO to help you visualize and analyze the issues

  6. Holistic problem solving, looks at individual/ family/ environmental factors that are surrounding the issue

  7. Equipping you with the skillset to analyze & work on problems that may occur in the future