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Whenever we are feeling stuck, we tend look for immediate solutions. Seldom do we carefully analyze the issues that are troubling us.

At LoveTalks, we have certified Counsellors and Trainers with years of experience. 
We specialize in Individual and Family Counselling. We also provide individual coaching sessions, and groupwork facilitation, suitable for children, youths and professionals. 

Our mission is to guide and impart you with necessary skills set, working towards self-development and growth.


How LoveTalks Started

It all started, when 2 school counsellors met over coffee. We realized that in counselling, we work with various different forms of presenting issues, but there is always a common obstacle. Communication breakdown is almost always present. 
Apart from the fancy theories and approaches that counsellors and therapists swear by, the 2 of them decided to put their brains together, to come up with a solution that can easily tackle this communication issue. 
After months of preparation, LoveTalks was officially created in April 2020.


Why LoveTalks

From our experience, we realized that most family issues voice down to communication breakdown in the family.  We also believe in Gary Chapman's 5 LoveLanguages® , which we found as the most frequently mis-communicated. The good news is -- communication is the easiest to tackle, because it is an observable behavior. We also saw an increasing lack of appropriate self-love, which resulted in various social-emotional issues that begin as young as 7 years old. 
As such, we aim to repair relationships, using the fastest and easiest method, through helping re-construct your various layers and levels of LOVE. That's why, we want you to start communicating about Love, and created LoveTalks. 

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(We are located inside Stars Educare, our official partner) 

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